ChampAnja - Gibson SG, angelvoice
Alex Raab - Fender Precision, voice from the underworld
Gerhard Gross - Ludwig Batterie, background

Opposites attract...
...obviously, if you have a look at the 3 members of this
band founded in the summer of 2004
front-woman in the girlband "The Shivas"
for 15 years grew up in Psychedelia

Husband and bassist Alex Raab
former member of the high-energy-rockers "16-Hell-Ventiler"
and the thrash-band "Repent" gets up with metal and goes to bed
with hardcore

Drummer Gerhard Gross
- former "Shemesh", spent his time in the german
world-music-scene before joining GARUDA

What the hell will come out of this:
Itīs spacy,
itīs hard and
itīs groovy
Check it out and listen to it!

GARUDA ínvites you to a flight through the infinite spaces
of mutual inspiration,
over the deepest abysses of the soul,
through fictious worlds,
discovering unknown heights of unleashed passion...

-join the flight with the GARUDA!